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A great piece of jewelry that comes with a great story.

At the 1987 U.S. Open, tennis star Chris Evert was playing in a hotly contested game. She suddenly stopped mid-match and asked the officials for a time out. The reason: The clasp on her diamond bracelet had broken and the bracelet had fallen off her wrist, and she wanted to find it before playing the next point. When asked about it in an interview, she called the missing piece of jewelry her “tennis bracelet,” and so the iconic name was born.The bracelet Evert was wearing during the match was a line bracelet set with diamonds made by noted jewelry designer George Bedewi. Traditionally featuring diamonds, this style of bracelet can also be set with colored stones or a combination of diamonds and colored stones. Thanks to Evert’s incident that brought it into the national spotlight, sales of the bracelet exploded and became forever known as the tennis bracelet.

Nearly 30 years have passed since Evert’s unforgettable on-court incident, and the tennis bracelet is still a fashion accessory for the sophisticated set. Below, we share some tennis bracelets that are a grand slam.

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